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HOS Port

HOS Port is a shore-based facility comprising 66 acres and nearly 3,000 linear feet of proprietary dock space located in Port Fourchon, Louisiana. The facility serves as the company's Gulf of Mexico marine base and additionally provides logistics support for drilling, production, and construction projects in both deepwater and shelf Gulf of Mexico locations. HOS Port offers:

HOS Port

  • Crane, forklift, and labor services for cargo staging and transfer (including tubulars and risers) 
  • Indoor and outdoor storage 
  • Office space/trailer housing 
  • Dispatching services 
  • Vessel dockage 
  • Vehicle parking

HOS Port is also aligned with other on-site oilfield service providers to offer:

  • Fuel and lube distribution 
  • Liquid mud production and distribution 
  • Waste removal 
  • Tank cleaning 

Due to high occupancy HOS Port does not currently provide "call out" services, and any party interested in the facility's services must complete the HOS Port Facility Use Agreement.

Facility Use Agreement and Rates (Download in pdf format by clicking below) 

HOS Port

Contact Information:

Mailing address:
HOS Port
1 Norman Doucet Road
Golden Meadow, LA 70357
Phone: (985) 396-4800
Fax: (985) 396-4800 

Physical (Delivery) Address:
HOS Port - South Yard
11 Norman Doucet Road
Golden Meadow, LA 70357
Port Fourchon

Downloadable Docs:

Port Facility Use Agreement

Exhibit D Hazardous Goods

Rate Schedule

Many of our vessels can be completely customized and configured to meet your needs.

If you have additional questions or more specific requirements, please contact the us at (985)727-6945 or send us an email.

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