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Our People Make The Difference

“In horseracing, you’re often betting on the jockey, not the horse. At Hornbeck Offshore, our sound strategy and technologically advanced vessels may be the most visible marks of a champion, but it’s our people, and their ability to successfully steer us through a challenging course, that separates us from the field.”

Hornbeck Offshore is an innovator in the expanding deepwater and ultra-deepwater oilfield marine service industry. Through a series of newbuild programs and vessel acquisitions, Hornbeck Offshore has assembled a multi-class fleet of increasingly larger, more versatile new generation OSVs capable of meeting the widest array of customer needs. However, even the best vessels in the world can't deliver success on their own- it takes a team of talented, customer-focused people to achieve that goal. 

At Hornbeck Offshore, we never forget that we operate in a service industry, which is why we are so focused on meeting the needs of our customers. Everything we do, from developing leading-edge technologies for our fleet to hiring the best people in the business, is driven by our goal of being the Company of Choice® in our industry. In doing so, we apply the lessons we have learned in the past to the challenges of the future. We will continue to execute the hiring and promotion strategies that propelled us to success throughout our history, thereby ensuring that our customers, employees and investors remain in the winner's circle. To achieve this, emphasis is placed on hiring and retaining people who prefer to work in an environment driven by our core values, and not the "bottom-line." 

Our Values 


We do what we say we will do, with personal accountability and a steadfast adherence to the highest moral principles, ethical behavior and professional standards.
Simply put, we do the right thing.


We are committed to personal responsibility and will be personally accountable for working safely and protecting the environment.
We are committed to being transparentand protecting the Company by operating in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations for the success and well-being of our employees and their families, our customers, investors and the communities in which we operate.


We provide high quality, value-added business solutions and innovative customer service.
We continually learn, improve, and adapt.
We strive for superior financial and operational performance and are a proactive industry and thought leader.
We create shareholder returns through profitability and Company growth. 


We collaborate with each other, our customers, investors,and vendors to get the job done the right way.
We maintain positive attitudes and are honest and respectful in our interactions, but are not afraid to engage in constructive conflict. We are a meritocracy built upon trust and empowermentof others.
We believe in a big “WE” – little “i”. 

Our Commitment to Diversity

Hornbeck Offshore believes diversity and inclusion are essential to success. We expect that employees treat each other respectfully and fairly and stay true to the values embedded in our culture: integrity, commitment, excellence and teamwork.

Nothing is more vital to the long-term growth of the company than our ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce of talented and dedicated employees regardless of our differences. The philosophy extends to job applicants who receive fair and equitable treatment with employment decisions based on experience and qualifications.

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