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Military Veterans

Hornbeck Offshore strives to employ the men and women of our United States Armed Forces upon completion of their service to our country. Certain skill sets acquired during enlistment translates well into the maritime industry: 

  • Small Vessel Operations in the bridge, engine room, and deck. 
  • Technical vocational skills in Electronics; Marine Electricity; Marine Engineering; Vessel Maintenance and Repair; Health, Compliance and Safety; Maritime Regulatory; Management, Operations; Logistics; Military Sealift Command Operations, Sub-sea Operations 

Hornbeck Offshore understands that some military personnel remain active in our Armed Forces via the Armed Forces Reserves. We recognize and respect this continued service to our country. Our mariner schedules offer flexibility to reservists so that they may be gainfully employed while continuing to actively serve our country. 

If you feel that you may be qualified to work for a leader in the maritime industry, please feel free to apply online and make Hornbeck Offshore your career provider and Company of Choice®

Hornbeck Offshore proudly employs former members of these branches of the military: 

Military Veterans

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