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Life as a Mariner

If Hornbeck Offshore has an anchor, that anchor is the unparalleled crew of mariners who navigate, manage and maintain our vessels. A career as a mariner offers a way of life unlike any other- here are a few facts to consider when thinking of becoming a mariner: 

Why should I be a mariner? 

  • It is a great career that does not require college education.
  • Entry-level positions do not require experience, only certain licensing (TWIC, STCW).
  • License upgrades and expanded roles (promotions) are customary and increase your earnings potential.
  • Mariners work unique schedules allowing some to choose a second career on their time off or enjoy expanded leisure time. 
  • A career as a mariner may not be for everyone, but if you don't get seasick, homesick or lovesick, it can be very rewarding.

Life at Sea (Schedules and Hours of Work, or "Hitches")

  • Mariners work unique schedules represented by several weeks embarked on a vessel followed by a time period at home otherwise known as your "off-time" or "off hitch". Schedules are largely driven by customer or geographical requirements and generally comprised of embarkation days ranging from 28 to 42 days and off-time ranging from 14 to 21 days. However, our standard schedule is 28/14, or 28 days embarked and 14 days of off-time. While on the vessel, you should expect to work 12 hours per day. You will be provided with room and board and all job-related expenses will be covered.
  • As an entry-level Ordinary Seaman (OS) or Wiper, you will be responsible for performing routine maintenance, including cleaning and painting on the vessel's navigation deck or in a vessel's engine room.
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