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Life as a Mariner

If Hornbeck Offshore has an anchor, that anchor is the unparalleled crew of mariners who navigate, manage and maintain our vessels. A career as a mariner offers a way of life unlike any other- here are a few facts to consider when thinking of becoming a mariner: 


Why should I be a mariner? 


  • It is a great career that does not require college education.
  • Entry-level positions do not require experience, only certain licensing (TWIC, STCW).
  • License upgrades and expanded roles (promotions) are customary and increase your earnings potential.
  • Mariners work unique schedules allowing some to choose a second career on their time off or enjoy expanded leisure time. 
  • A career as a mariner may not be for everyone, but if you don't get seasick, homesick or lovesick, it can be very rewarding.


Life at Sea (Schedules and Hours of Work, or "Hitches")


  • Mariners work unique schedules represented by several weeks embarked on a vessel followed by a time period at home otherwise known as your "off-time" or "off hitch". Schedules are largely driven by customer or geographical requirements and generally comprised of embarkation days ranging from 28 to 42 days and off-time ranging from 14 to 21 days. While on the vessel, you should expect to work 12 hours per day. You will be provided with room and board and all job-related expenses will be covered.
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