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Apprentice Programs


The ATP is a fully-funded scholarship which provides a foundation for apprentice mariners to become future officers in our fleet.  The Program provides mentorship, expenses related to classes and licensing, and peer support. Hornbeck Offshore Services is dedicated to promoting an atmosphere to hire, train and cultivate the finest mariners in the industry. A successful graduate of the Program will finish with an Officer’s license in five-six years’ time.  (3rd Mate Unlimited for Deck Officers, or 3rd Assistant Engineer for Engine Room Officers.) Following graduation, the recipient agrees to continue his or her employment with Hornbeck Offshore for one year. There is no cost for the program if an applicant is accepted (minor travel expenses will be on the employee’s cost as per company policies and procedures); it is a paid position with the company. The nature, timing and extent of the ATP is subject to change based on market conditions and is at the discretion of the Company.

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