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Hornbeck Offshore Services, LLC, has operated under an established Safety Management System in accordance with the ISM code since 1999.

Since establishing the Safety Management System, all vessels and office locations have been audited internally on an annual basis. Company office locations are additionally audited by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) on an annual basis for compliance with the ISM Code and the Company has maintained a Document of Compliance since the establishment of the Safety Management System. Vessels are audited by ABS for compliance with the ISM Code between the second and third year of their Safety Management Certificate.

The Company is committed to a strong safety culture and uses all available tools to ensure that the scope of work is completed with due regard to safety, health, environment, and security. The Company will ensure safe operations by using such tools as Risk Analysis, Gap Analysis, Bridging Documents, Behavior Based Safety, HAZID, and pre-job orientations.

The Company uses leading and lagging indicators to evaluate and trend safety, health, environment, and security objectives. Indicators such as Hornbeck Observation and Review of Safety & Environmental (HORSE) Behavior Based Safety, Near Miss Reports and incident statistics are evaluated to identify areas of excellence or improvement.

Goals for Safety and Environmental performance are established annually and are communicated company-wide via New Hire Orientation, Annual Training and Fleet Safety Bulletins. 

Goal Zero

At Hornbeck Offshore, the importance of safety is paramount and we are committed to providing the safest work environment for our employees and customers.  We are recognized in the marine industry and by our customers for safe operations and a proven safety management system.  These attributes are a key part of what makes Hornbeck Offshore the COMPANY OF CHOICE® for marine transportation services.  In order to maintain our safety culture, we developed a Goal Zero safety awareness campaign where our employees make it their personal commitment to live and work incident and injury free for the benefit of their family and loved ones, themselves, and their ship mates.  Our Goal Zero program instills the belief that we can operate without incidents despite the challenging situations in which we operate.

To support this campaign, we have implemented incentive programs for practicing safe behavior.  This includes improving the safety management skills of our employees, as well as a Quality Service Incentive program and a “Safe Boat” of the Year program.  Hornbeck Offshore concentrates on daily pre-task job safety analyses so that each employee can identify the hazards of the job and then take action to eliminate or control those hazards to successfully complete the job without injury.  The Company also utilizes a Near Miss program and a Behavioral-Based Safety program called H.O.R.S.E. – All of these programs get our people thinking about safety.

2022 Safety and Environmental Goals 

  • Total Recordable Incident Rate = 0
  • Lost Time Incident Rate = 0
  • No vessel groundings or property damage
  • No Environmental/Pollution incident

The Company has the following separate programs to encourage our employees to work safely and to provide recognition for safe performance:

Quality Service Incentive (QSI) Program:  This is a quarterly bonus that is rewarded to all vessel crews for their performance in accordance with established Company goals.  Each vessel crew that is not involved in a safety or environmental incident during the quarter is eligible to receive a QSI award.

Safe Boat of the Year Program:  This is given each year to vessel crews that conclude the year with the best safety performance record – typically those vessels with no personal injuries, vessel accidents or pollution incidents and a high level of participation in the Company’s H.O.R.S.E. and Near-Miss Program.

The Company’s QHSE Department oversees the company's safety management system. With the department head serving as the Company’s Designated Person Ashore (DPA).

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