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The HOSMAX® Fleet offers state-of-the-art 280 and 300 classed offshore supply vessels with varying capacities ranging from 15,000 to over 21,000 barrels (2,900 - 3,400 m3) of liquid mud and deadweight in excess of 6,100 metric tons. These DP-2 OSVs are delivering next generation technology, increased capacity and unmatched efficiency make them ideally suited to support deepwater operations.

280 Class OSVs

The 280 class offers high-specification, DP-2 supply vessels with deadweight in excess of 4,800 metric tons, ample clear deck space with 10,150 ft2 (943 m3), liquid product capacity of 15,400 bbls (2,940 m3) and berthing for up to 30 people.

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300 Class OSVs

DP-2 supply vessels with 5,500 MT deadweight, berthing for 30 - 50 people and 21,000 bbls (3,300 m3) liquid product capacity, including 1,500 bbls (255 m3) of Methanol.

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310 Class OSVs

The 310 class offers increased deadweight of 6,200 MT and expanded cargo capacities including 21,400 bbls (3,800 m3) of liquid mud and 2,200 bbls (352 m3) of Methanol.

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310EQH Class OSVs

U.S. and Brazilian flagged supply vessels with enhanced features including helidecks and increased auxiliary power to support deck equipment, additional berthing and other vessel amenities.

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320 Class OSVs

The ultimate in size and capability, the 320 class offers unmatched capacities with over 6,150 MT deadweight and 1,130 m2 of clear deck space.  Below deck features include 21,000 bbls (3,300 m3) of liquid cargo capacity and 3 segregations with versatile pumping solutions that provide redundancy and greater flexibility for different loading and discharge scenarios. 

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