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430 Class MPSV

The DP-3 HOSMPSV 430 class is well-suited to support topside, inspection, maintenance, repair, diving and construction activities with a 400 metric ton heave compensated mast crane, large working moon pool and two hangar-housed ROVs, the 430 provides a large, stable DP-3 platform with the ability to accommodate a range of offshore activities.


A DP-3 versatile inspection, maintenance and repair vessel with emphasis in deepwater applications, the HOS Iron Horse is equipped with berthing for 245 people, helideck rated Sikorsky S-61N, a 400 metric ton AHC mast crane with an integrated deepwater winch capable of working at depths of 3,000 meters, and a 120 metric ton AHC offshore knuckle boom crane.  The large moon pool facilitates subsea operations that can be supported by two work class, hangar-housed ROVs.

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